Fall Whispers

It’s been awhile since I’ve had some time to explore my hobbies as an…. err…adult.  Actually, so long that when I went to go hunt for something to do during my down time one weekend,  all I found were my stamp, rock and coin collections from about 10 years ago and a roughed up sketch book. Not that I take any embarrassment what so ever in still holding a strong interest in these collections – but it never hurts to explore new territories of art, especially when I exist in a world of business 80% of the time, but dream in a world painted of coloured brush strokes, rhythm and movement.

So, a couple weeks ago I purchased my first DSLR. Literal definition, Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Metaphorical definition =  new found happiness. These devices tend to resemble the bulkier style of cameras we all once owned at some point in time.  No ancient film insertion required, but these cameras are not the type suitable to stuff in your pocket or take to a downtown clubbing event on a regular basis. These beautiful pieces come in different sizes with a huge variety of lenses to select from, and generally what I’ve learned so far, the better your lens the better the photography.

With the excitement of the incredible fall weather and my new found hobby, in early October/November I wasted no time in venturing around Markham to capture some fall beauty. With the sweet sounds of Mos def, Lauryn Hill and the roots, I was exploring new places and sights I have never seen in my little suburban home town.  Two hours later and over 200 shots later, I thought I’d share some excerpts of my journey around my block with you.

I admit I went a little crazy just snapping away, but you won’t truly understand how it feels until you get your eyes behind one of these DSLR cameras. The feeling is simply indescribable. You have all the ownership and rights and the possibilities, like most forms of art, are boundary-less. Being an amateur photographer I’m starting completely bottom up, but I’ll continue to share my shots as I go along and learn more about this wonderful new realm. I hope you enjoy!


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