Memories of Morocco.

In the heart of the city - djemma el fna
Work place.
50 durham a picture.
You can find it all in the square - dancing snakes.. a snail snack to go.
Efficiency at its best. Engineer. Builder. Boss.
Pipping hot tea, right off the coal.
Mid day rainfall - you don't want to be caught without an umbrella here
Leather dying in the tanneries.

Trouble brewing in the nooks and crannies


Just don't get lost in these alleys.. you never know what's hiding in these quiet corners.



79 thoughts on “Memories of Morocco.

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  1. Wow sonal, these pictures are amazing.

    just amazing..I’ve saved some on my comp for potential wallpaper material!

    way to go!

  2. Beautiful pictures Sonal!! Very graphic… I love them… each one looks like a painting. Did you take a photography class or something?

    1. Thanks Jaz – I totally appreciate the positive feedback! No classes yet – but I am planning to take some as soon as I can to learn more. I think you need to put those amazing paint skills you have and turn one of these into a painting!!

  3. Fabulous pics! I was recently in Morocco in April on a volunteer trip and loved it. Such a beautiful country! I also did the Inca trail in 2001…want to add that to my blog soon. It was fabulous!

  4. These shots are super cool! I’ve never seen leather being dyed before. That’s so neat. I envy you. I’ve wanted to go to Morrocco since I was 14 and saw the Hitchcock film, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”. But I think I would have freaked out seeing the snake charming. Hooded cobras give me the heebie-jeebies.

  5. tHE bLACK AND WHITE PICTURES HAVE SUCH WONDERFUL POWER IN THEM. My favorite is the first picture with that beautiful blue sky amidst the lights below. Amost like unto a look into heaven. Congrads on making FP.

  6. These pictures are gorgeous and show the simple lives of people. Simply Beautiful, Sonal (guessing that’s your name) !!

  7. How did you capture the heart of the city with such vivid colors? The sky is such a rich blue. I really love your album you have some serious photography skills.

  8. the pictures are very attractive. Thanks for posting! I suddenly wish I was there to witness such culture. The city of Ibn batutta

  9. i love the mid day rainfall shot….its just too awesome!!!the narrow lane, the lamp hanging on top….and just the perfect amount of exposure….loved it

  10. Marrakech is such a wondeful place, the Medina especially takes you back to another time, I think you have captured it perfectly.
    The City is full of contradictions and contrasts, your pictures begin to show the variety of life in the Medina of Marrakech.

    Thank You

  11. Beautiful pictures! I love Morocco…been there twice to visit a friend. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  12. These pictures have life….. if you add some more words it will live in the minds of readers.

  13. i love your composition especially in 50 durham a picture, Trouble brewing in the nooks and crannies. Great movement in just Don’t Get Lost in These Alleys. Nice work.

  14. Great post! I have visited Morocco before and I loved it! I blogged about it also at , love your pictures too!

  15. Morocco was one of those places that really surprised me (in a good way, of course). The place was so rich with culture, and it is something I don’t get to see that often in other places that I’ve visited. Morocco is very interesting! My trip there really gave me a great experience and showed me a different side of the world. However, I pity the kids who worked at the leather dying factory. The smell is really unbearable, and the chemicals are very poisonous. I don’t think they should be exposed to these things without any protective clothing or equipment.

    Nice photos by the way! 🙂

  16. I am absolutely speechless at the incredible amount of feedback from the word press community. Overwhelmed is an understatement – and all of your kind words have motivated me to continue to grow this part of my life. Thanks for all the support fellow bloggers – you are all awesome!! xx

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