A manual miracle.

I was quite shocked when I learned recently that Toronto hosts its own blushing Cherry Blossoms in High Park every year. After moving back home less than a year ago I was convinced that the majority of my photography ventures regarding nature would likely have to take place somewhere outside the city. To my pleasant surprise that the first bloom would be in early May, I decided to check it out for myself and spend a warm Saturday afternoon wondering solo around the grounds – just me and my canon.

Serenaded by the soft verses of Sade, the young families and couples enjoying strolls through the park, and the inspiration of other avid photographers, I couldn’t help but smile. Its astounding what the combination of rediscovering your city and a weather face lift can do for your mood. After assuming that I had seen all Toronto had to offer I had written it off as a good option for photography – clearly a premature decision. To make up for lost time, I’ve decided to give my city the first real chance to awe me this summer by visiting the unexplored areas I’ve seemed to short change in the last nearly two and a half decades. Keep a look out for the updates on the shocking and beautiful nooks and crannies of T Dot in my upcoming posts.

In the mean time I’ve posted some of my fave shots below from the first cherry bloom this spring. After shooting for a year and picking up some tips and tricks from forums and fellow shooters, I decided to get a hold of a 50mm lens to help enhance the quality of my macro shots. Recently I’ve also been treading the manual waters  – taking full control of my glass and settings to help ramp up my game in terms of professional results. I certainly haven’t mastered using manual controls on either, but it makes a world of difference in both your results and your appreciation for photography as an art. The results you see switching from automatic are sure to convince you to keep at it until you get it right. Everything below has been shot with a 50mm 1.8 and a 55-250mmzoom lens, all manual. Enjoy, and dare to take the plunge to the other side of the dials on your camera and I assure you, you’ll see the manual miracle.

ciao for now. xx

Hard vs Soft.
Macro shot - front focal point.
japanese mimic
Picture proportions.
macro shot - back focal point.
Japanese Cherry Blossom copy cat.



3 thoughts on “A manual miracle.

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  1. hey sonal! these pictures are amazing, i had no idea you got so into photography!! what are you up to nowadays?? don’t think i’ve seen you since loo… hope all is well -carrie

    1. Carrie – what a nice surprise to hear from you stranger! Thank you for your kind words – I always appreciate the feedback. And yes it probably has been years, far too many since I last saw you. I hope everything is going well, keep me posted on what your up to via facebook, I’d love to catch up 🙂

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