Freshly Pressed Gratitude.

Freshly Pressed – March 2012. “Surviving South America” (far right top corner)

From One Stranger to Another.

I never set out with the intentions to post my work for garnering mass popularity or attention, so being freshly pressed twice in the last 8 months has truly been a wonderful interruption to my otherwise regular 9 to 5 routine. Although you may think your contribution was minor; your support, whether short and sweet, or detailed and elaborate, have spoken volumes to me. Thank you, each and every one of you, who took time out of your day to marvel in my work, to share your kind words. You’ve reignited my fire to continue trekking along my often bumpy and unpredictable path.

 I hope to continue to bring something special to your otherwise ordinary days, the way each of you have brought something marvelous to my otherwise ordinary life. Your praise and encouragement has been a great reminder to me of what I’m capable of achieving when I stop doubting myself, when I stop being afraid to move to the beat of my own drum… when I choose passion over fear.

Just showing some love, from one stranger to another.


Reaching out | My Interview with Cody Barrus

Beyond the surprise of being freshly pressed, I had a fellow wordpress community member, Writer and Entrepreneur Cody Barrus reach out to me personally to interview me for his blog titled ‘Away and Away.’

Having the honour of being interviewed by Cody left me speechless. So a special thank you to him for doing a beautiful job in capturing this part of my life – I almost couldn’t believe it was about me after reading it!

Check out my interview with Cody Barrus, which goes into more detail about my life and work, and make sure to peruse around some of Cody’s fantastic work.

“The Photography of Sonal Batavia”:


Freshly Pressed – July 2011, “Memories of Morocco”  (right bottom corner)                       

What’s Next?

Well folks, thanks to all of you, I’m busy planning away for my next travels, and upcoming blog posts. I have tonnes of ideas floating around in my mind and hope to set them in motion within the next couple of months…stay tuned.

Until then,

Adios Amigos.


4 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed Gratitude.

Add yours

  1. Always love a fan tribute. Keep going; your work is meaningful :).

    Your art removes emptiness, renews vision.
    Your words lift up and sustain the weary.

    Keep writing. Keep creating.
    You have an audience.

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