I love my India…?

Track spinning | Hum jo Chalne Lage, Jab We Met I still remember my first real trip to India. Dozens of children swarmed the windows of our taxi with plastic butterfly hair clips, dinner towels, napkins, oranges, earrings, bracelets, everything and anything someone may leave the house for. I was confused and overwhelmed by the… Continue reading I love my India…?


Let’s talk about fear baby

Let’s talk about Fear baby. Sometimes I’d weep on the drive home thinking about how terrible I felt after sharing my stories aloud. Nothing could have prepared me for the harsh criticism that ensued between those walls each week during our 2-hour evening classes. I missed when the words would effortlessly slip out of my… Continue reading Let’s talk about fear baby

Hopping in Hampi

As I limped along attempting to make my way up the mountain just in time to catch the sun set over Hampi, her little hand clutched on to mine.

Riding through Romantic Rajasthan

ONCE UPON A TIME an unmarried 20 something year old girl ventured off to Jaipur for a weekend of literary bliss with some girlfriends. After spending three days sipping too many sweet masala chai's and being entrenched in controversial discussions by the likes of Pico Iyer, Shabana and so on, the girl trailed off on her own to… Continue reading Riding through Romantic Rajasthan