Let’s talk about fear baby

Let’s talk about Fear baby. Sometimes I’d weep on the drive home thinking about how terrible I felt after sharing my stories aloud. Nothing could have prepared me for the harsh criticism that ensued between those walls each week during our 2-hour evening classes. I missed when the words would effortlessly slip out of my... Continue Reading →


A day at the Delhi slums

    Track spinning | Is Pal, Aaja Nachle I remember passing by the slum areas often while gazing out the taxi window on the streets of Mumbai. At the tender age of thirteen I was bewildered, fascinated and intimidated all at once. I wondered what happened behind those straw doors and wooven roofs that... Continue Reading →


Diaries of a Yogi

Throughout my stay in India I spent four weeks in a rural area just outside a city called Nasik, training to become a Yoga Teacher. What I anticipated to be a relaxing retreat, actually turned out to be one of the most challenging experiences I've had in my life. Unlike many of the mass marketed teacher... Continue Reading →



What a journey it has been since starting this blog almost four years ago. I still remember the exact moment I decided to get a wordpress account as a way to quietly share my writing with a few close ones. At the time, 2009 precisely, life had dealt me some of the hardest cards I... Continue Reading →


I love my India…?

Track spinning | Hum jo Chalne Lage, Jab We Met I still remember my first real trip to India. Dozens of children swarmed the windows of our taxi with plastic butterfly hair clips, dinner towels, napkins, oranges, earrings, bracelets, everything and anything someone may leave the house for. I was confused and overwhelmed by the... Continue Reading →


The Great Ganges

I had been dreaming about coming to the holy city of Benares (better known as Varanassi) where the sacred Ganges river lay, ever since one of my professors in university had painted this majestic picture of his trip there 5 years ago during a lecture on Hinduism. He spoke of his travels with such passion,... Continue Reading →


Chasing a dream.

Track spinning| Tonight, Lykke Li I quit my job to travel the world. There I said it. Loud and clear for all of you to be my witness to what could be one of the most absurd decisions I’ve made to date. I suppose that’s always the first step. Saying it out loud. Admitting it’s not just... Continue Reading →


Trekking in my Foolish twenties

August 18.2011                                                                                                           ... Continue Reading →


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